March 31, 2021 at 6:04am | Julie Hayward

Here are three great reasons why you should consider selling your home now.

If you’re considering selling your home, please reach out to us. Right now, houses are flying off the shelves, and here are the three main reasons why:

1. Interest rates are historically low. That means buyers have more purchasing power than ever and more are entering the market.

2. Inventory is extremely low. This is the lowest inventory we’ve seen in years. In some neighborhoods, not a single property is for sale. Currently, when homes do hit the market, they’re only on it for a couple of hours, or a day if we’re lucky. 

3. Demand is higher than ever. Interest rates are incredibly low and the pandemic has many people working from home. People are realizing they want or need more space, so they’re looking for options.

"Houses are flying off the shelves."

We have buyers who can’t find a home in this market, so if you’re a seller or thinking about selling, please contact us via phone or email. We would love to help you connect with an eager buyer.



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